GP:50 Products

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GP:50 provides pressure instrumentation for industrial pressure application solutions in Aerospace, Melt pressure, Automotive test, Petrochemical, Sub-sea, Sanitary, and hydraulic & pneumatic control.

With marketplaces ranging from Oil & Gas, Plastic Extrusion, Automotive, Waste water, Military and Aerospace GP:50 has become a global player in the pressure instrumentation industry.

GP:50 WECO® Hammer Union Pressure Transducer

GP:50 WECO® Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter

GP:50 WECO® Hammer Union Temperature Transmitter

GP:50 Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitter

GP:50 Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitter

GP:50 Submersible Level Transmitter

GP:50 offers many more models and types of transmitters and transducers in addition to the models listed above.


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