AKS, Pressure Transmitters

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AKS pressure transmitters are used for commercial air-conditioning and for commercial and industrial refrigeration applications. They are made in stainless steel to be compatible with fluorinated and natural refrigerants and laser welding with no soft seals ensure hermetic tightness for decades. AKS pressure transmitters utilized temperature calibrations methods and sensing technologies optimized for the refrigration and air conditioning segments.
Highly developed sensor technology means high pressure regulation accuracy, a very important factor in the precise and energy-economic capacity regulation of refrigeration plants.
• Temperature compensation for LP and HP pressure transmitters, developed specially for refrigeration plants: LP: –30 – +40°C (16 bar) HP: 0 – +80° (>16 bar)
• Compatibility with all refrigerants incl. ammonia means less stock and greater application flexibility.
• Effective protection against moisture means that the sensor can be mounted in very harsh environments, e.g. in the suction line encapsulated in an ice block.
• Robust construction gives protection against mechanical influences such as shock, vibration and pressure surge. AKS sensors can be mounted direct on to the plant.
• No adjustment necessary. With the highly developed sensor technology and sealed gauge principle, the accuracy of the factory setting is maintained independent of variations in ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure. This is very important when ensuring evaporating pressure control in air conditioning and refrigeration applications.
• Built-in voltage stabiliser
• EMC protection according to EU EMC-directive (CE-marked)
• UL approved