Brodie International Oval Gear Flow Meters

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Brodie International Oval Gear Positive Displacement Flow Meters are designed for use in the Chemical Processing, Industrial, Food and Beverage, and Hydrocarbon processing industries. Utilizing precision matched oval gears for exact liquid measurement, these highly accurate meters are virtually unaffected by changes in viscosity and maintain precision accuracy even when handling low viscosity products at low flow rates.


Sizes: 1/2″ through 3″ RF ANSI Flanges
Flow Ranges: .4 through 396 GPM

  • 9400 Series Oval Gear Flow Meters – mechanical, positive displacement
  • 9800 Series Oval Gear Flow Meters – highly accurate, positive displacement with electronic output or registration
  • 9900 Series Oval Gear Flow Meter/Transmitter with Smart Meter Manager™ (SMM) – very high accuracy, positive displacement meter which utilizes microprocessor based electronics to provide multivariable flow computation and output for volumetric and mass measurement requirements