OPW CWH Series Counterweighted Hose Loader


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Installation and operation is simple and efficient with OPW hose loaders. Adjustable counterweights mounted on a pair of horizontal rails are simply moved until the desired balance point is located. This design provides for efficient handling and coupling to the tank adaptors.

This popular hose loader features a flange-by-flange base swivel joint for reliable performance and ease of maintenance. A heavy-duty Endura™ split flange base swivel joint is standard on 4″ arms. Construction is carbon steel with a drop hose for maximum flexibility and easy handling. Composite hose (standard) and stainless steel hoses are available. Outboard swivel joint, spacer spool, and API coupler are aluminum on the standard model.

Standard horizontal reach is 114″ to fully cover the API RP-1004 bottom loading envelope with up to four loading arms spaced 18″ apart. Each loader should be mounted successively higher; 16″ stagger is recommended to provide maximum crossover capability for efficient simultaneous compartment loading.

Optional reaches of 66″, 78″, 90″, and 102″ are also available, but full coverage of the API envelope may require moving the truck. Minimum recommended drop hose length is approximately 60″.


  • Easily meets envelope requirements
  • Counter balance adjustment is smooth and easy
  • Multiple compartment loading capability saves time
  • Simple rugged construction


  • Crossover capability to meet API envelope
  • Rugged construction
  • Long reach
  • Available in 4″ and 6″ x 4″ sizes