OPW API Bottom Loading Couplers


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OPW Engineered Systems has long been recognized as the company that sets the standard when it comes to API Bottom Loading Couplers. The 1004D2/1005E has been a proven performer at petroleum terminals around the world. The 1004D3 has been designed to be the safest, cleanest and fastest way to load transports. The D3 offers several new features that make it the most user-friendly bottom loading coupler in the industry.

OPW now looks to raise the bar with the introduction of our new 1004D4 Coupler – the next generation in API Bottom Loading Couplers from OPW. By combining ease of maintenance with a unique spring loaded sleeve design, the D4 provides the ultimate coupler experience.

1004D3 and 1005E3 API Bottom Loading Coupler

1004D4 API Bottom Loading Coupler

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