Globe Valves

Wastewater Collection and Treatment, Primary Processing, Solvents, Waste Processing, Water Treatment, Desalination, Delayed Coking, Cooling Water – Metals, Descaling, Construction, Food Processing, Coatings, HVACI, Chemical and Liquor, OEM, Caustic and Chlor-Alkali, Pharmaceuticals, Bleach Chemicals, Plating, Galvanizing and Other Coatings, Acid Transfer, Polymers, Auxiliary, Snowmaking

Flowserve’s Vogt Globe and Angle valves are suitable for throttling as well as shut-off. They are customarily installed so that the media pressure and preferred flow direction is under the disc. Flow above the disc is also accecptable.

Vogt Globe Valves are available with a variety of bonnet types, body and trim materials and stem packings in addition to a broad range of pressure classes, and end connections including extended bodies.

Our facility is qualified under the most stringent ISO 9001 quality standards and European Pressure Equipment Directive and meets specifications including ASME B16.34, API602 and NACE.


  • Quick Lead Times
  • Valves for services including: Nuclear, Alkylation, Sour Service, Cryogenic, Low Temp. and more.
  • Qualified under the ISO 9001 Quality System & European Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Hard Faced Seats
  • Spiral Wound Gasket or Bellowseal
  • Bolted Bonnet or Seal Weld Bonnet


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