Dresser Roots Meter Model 5 Prover

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Roots Gas Meter Model 5 Prover

Model 5 Transfer Provers feature an integrated computer controlled system for verification and testing of rotary, diaphragm, and turbine gas meters. After the field meter is connected to the Prover and the test sequence is selected, the remainder of the operation is “hands-off”. Test sequencing is automatically controlled by the software settings and the test results are displayed on the computer screen. For ease of testing and recording, the Model 5 Prover system will:
• Store unlimited predetermined field meter test configurations
• Perform and display all calculations at the end of each test and allow for saving to disk
• Provide user-friendly menu prompts
• Run a system self-check prior to each test
• Allow easy access to extensive Help FilesThe primary components for all Model 5 Prover systems include highly accurate Roots® master meters as measurement standards, a personal computer (not included) for operation of the system software, easy-to-use Windows® -based software, and a blower system to provide a stable air flow through the system.Technical Literature – PDF Format