Barton Chart Recorders

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Flow measurement of dry gases across orifice plate or other DP sensing instrument. Accessories for Barton Chart Recorders.

Stocking large inventory of used and new Barton Chart Recorder Parts, charts, static elements, range springs, temperature elements, linkage and much more. Used parts excellent value and guaranteed. Call for quotation.

Barton Chart Recorder

Remanufactured Barton chart recorder. Measures dry gas flow across differential pressure instrument and static working pressure. Typical configuration 100″ water column by 100 PSIG. One year warranty. Price includes three valve reconditioned manifold. Subject to availability.

Prices starting at $1,050.00

Barton Chart Recorder 3 Pen

Barton 3 pen recorder configured as the two pen model above, but includes temperature measurement. Includes temp sensor and 10 foot SS armored capillary. Remanufactured, one year warranty. Subject to availability

Prices starting at $1,200.00

For custom orders, please complete the Product Configurator.

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