Sensus Auto-Adjust Turbine Meters (AAT)

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Sensus AAT Auto-Adjust Turbine Meter

Sensus Metering Systems Auto-Adjust® II Turbo-Meters provide highly accurate large volume measurement using patented dual rotor technology that self-checks and automatically adjusts meter performance. The AAT is virtually insensitive to deviations in upstream flow conditions. Used with Auto-Adjust electronics, AAT technology provides advanced warning of a deteriorating condition well before meter failure occurs.

Models Available:
4″/100mm AAT-18
4″/100mm AAT-27
6″/150mm AAT-35
6″/150mm AAT-57
8″/200mm AAT-60
8″/200mm AAT-90
12″/300mm AAT-140
12″/300mm AAT-230