OPW Supported Top Loading Boom Arm

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This style arm provides dependable, low maintenance service in high usage installations. Due to the boom-mounted design, no heavy loads are placed on the swivel components, so wear is minimized.

In simplest terms, the supported boom arm loader consists of a single-arm loader mounted on a swiveling boom that is attached to a permanent structure with either a pillow block or flange bearing for added strength and support. This configuration provides maximum flexibility for mis-spotting and longer reaches from the loading rack to the railcar or tank truck. Both the boom and the arm can be folded back against the rack for convenient, compact storage away from the traffic flow.

A variety of boom designs and configurations are available to meet the needs of virtually any installation. Used for tank truck and railcar open dome loading, supported boom arms can be modified for closed system loading and unloading.

Optional valves, such as dry disconnect, ball, butterfly or loading, can be used because of the boom support.


  • Long reach
  • Design flexibility means it can be used for any application
  • Folded back on itself, it can be easily stored
  • Optional valve and remote


  • Available in 2″, 3″ and 4″
  • Available in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and specialty alloys
  • Choice of flanged, threaded or all-welded construction