Motor Operated Gate & Globe Valve

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Our engineers have provided us with the capability to modify Flowserve Vogt Valves with Limitorque or Valtek operators very quickly. The usual long delay for motor operated valves has been eliminated by utilizing a standardized actuator with standardized mounting accessories from stock.

The Vogt valve of your choice can be converted to motor operation in our shop and performance tested on the same exacting equipment used to qualify valves for nuclear service. The valve and actuator are then ready for immediate installation with limit and torque switches set and checked by Vogt craftsmen.

If in field conversion of an in-service Vogt valve is desired, we can supply the field conversion parts and actuator pre-assembled for fast installation.


  • Standardized Conversion Design
  • Factory Installed
  • Performance Tested
  • Fast Delivery
  • Single Source Responsibility