Brooks Instrument Armored Metal Rotameter 3750

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Armored Rotameter, 5% Accuracy, Compact Design

The Brooks® 3750 ArMiteTM armored rotameter is ideal for high pressure, high temperature and other demanding applications where safety is a concern. It is a reliable low-flow metal flowmeter with 5% accuracy (3% optional) constructed of 316L wetted parts. Its compact design permits installation in tight locations, and it is designed to work safely under difficult conditions. It is certified explosion-proof and intrinsically safe. Options include 4 – 20 mA output, needle valve, flow controllers and alarms


Capacity – Water Capacity – Air Max Pressure Temp
lph gph m3n/hr scfm Accuracy Rate bar psi C F Output
0.8 to 100 0.03 to 44 0.04 to 3.1 0.02 to 2 5% 275 4000 -29 to 204 -20 to 400 Alarm and/or 4-20 mA (IS or X-Proof)
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